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This is the window to my heart I just want you to be free There ain't no freedom where we are Ain't no wishes in these stars Ain't no reason to believe But don't worry baby Don't you worry Maybe this is what we need A little bruising, a little bleeding Some space that we can breathe in Some silence in between *Chorus:* So cry for me baby, and I'll cry for you And we'll both break down and we'll both break through We'll find our way and we'll face the truth We both will be stronger And we'll lie down in our loneliness And wake up with our sad regrets Even though we don't know it yet We both will be stronger We both will be stronger I can't believe you're really gone now But I know it's for the best And I know that we weren't right But I still reach for you each night And man that hurts like hell (Chorus) So Baby (Chorus) This is the window to my heart I just want us to be free Baby I'm sorry for the way things are Goodbye is always hard And we both will be stronger melodiei versurile Stronger mp3 album versuri descarca Faith Hill album muzica. Versuri cantece ultima melodie muzica straina.

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