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Versuri Strange Dimension

Music: Dahl, Karlsson - Lyrics: Andreas Götesson Solo: Dahl In a place far away from here, in another world ââ¬â another sphere, a new day is waiting to be born A single roar of rage is torn By thousands and thousands they fly into a misty and haunting grey sky But when they break through the haze scales and fangs shine in the sunââ¬â¢s rays Chorus: Here in this strange dimension, in this ancient place dragons reign, totally supreme, through time and space Solo: Dahl, Karlsson Crystal eyes of cold and cruel minds, gazing down at the weak human kind And so they fall from the sky like rain, breathing fire ââ¬â grim dealers of pain Chorus: versurile mp3 piesa muzica straina cuvinte. Crystal Eyes Strange Dimension versuri muzica versuri ultima melodie.

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