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Lately love keeps keeping up at night Tossing and turning, my love Wanna kiss you, wanna hold you real tight Ooo but I wonder love whether you know or not You just hurry away, leaving me laying there in shock I just wanna be the one that you wanna see I just wanna have you near me But you fly away almost everyday You work a lot but you never stop to love CHORUS: Stop, I love you so stop Come home from the road Gotta stop to love And let's celebrate, celebrate the love we got, stop Say you're coming home You say my love has always been on your mind But how can I ever love you, when you keep working overtime? Too many empty nights, can make almost any guy roam to look for the love he don't get whenever he's at home alone. Awaiting the day that you're coming to stay I hate to see you go away, but you couldn't rest Had to do your best to reach the top But you did not stop to love (REPEAT CHORUS) And one day you'll discover I'm the one who love ya Gotta stop to love No one loves you better Can't you stay forever? Stop to love I can hardly stand the loneliness Come on home, that's what it's all about You really turn me out (REPEAT CHORUS)

Cuvintele cuvintele Luther Vandross. Muzica straina versuri cantece versuri Stop to love ultima melodie album cuvintele muzica melodiei.

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