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Versuri Stay

We were walking Just the other day It was so hot outside You could fry an egg Remember you were talking I watched as sweat ran down your face Reached up and caught it at your chin Licked my fingertip Wasting time Let the hours roll by Doing nothing for the fun Little taste of the good life Whether right or wrong Makes us want to stay stay stay stay for awhile Later on The sun began to fade Then the clouds rolled over our heads And it began to rain Oh we were dancing mouths open Splashing tongue taste For a moment this good time would never end You and me you and me Just wasting time I was kissing you You were kissing me love From good day into a moonlight Now a night so fine Makes us wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile Wasting time I shall miss these things When it all rolls by What a day Wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile Hey love Oh just groping you Rolling in the mud Stay a while Come on love Wanna stay stay stay stay stay for awhile

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