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A grand oasis in the vastness of gloom Child of dew-spangled cobweb Mother to the moon Constellations beholders of the 3rd vagrant Theater for the play of life Tragedienne of heavens Watching the eyes of the night Sailing the virgin oceans A planetride for the Mother and Child Floating upon the quiet hydrogen lakes In this ambrosial merry-go-round they will gaze Ephemereal life touched by a billion-year show Separating the poet from the woe Tragedienne of heavens... Oracle of the Delphian Domine Witness of Adam's frailty Seer of the master prophecy The stellar world her betrothed Wanderers in cosmic caravan Universal bond - The Starborn A son in the search for the truth Following the pages of Almagest Discovering the origin of dreams Stargazers ride through the ancient realms Tragedienne of heavens...

Album melodiei Stargazers versuri ultima melodie Rock melodiei melodia versuri mp3 cuvinte. Nightwish muzica straina descarca melodia.

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