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See we gotta get it right but we always get it wrong And it be the same old thing and it be the same old song Tryin' to fight to survive Tryin' to fight for our lives See I'm only tryin' to live I don't wanna say goodbye But the day that it all should end Holla back some more that be Cause we'll all be born again Maybe then we'll all be free and the day that it all should stop Is a day that will never come Cause we gonna live forever Spinnin' until we're spun Chorus: Here we go one more time here we go one more time Now we Spinnin' yeah we spinnin' Yeah we spinnin' now we spun Here we go one more time here we go one more time Now we Spinnin' yeah we spinnin' Yeah we spinnin' now we spun See we got nowhere to run and we got no where to go True love is all I need and to never to be alone So I take a sip and chill while I take a dip and chew Lookin' for a quick escape but it all wears off too soon All the girls they love to lie some girls I'll never trust But it's all a compromise maybe I expect too much Maybe if I close my eyes maybe then I'll finally see Maybe then I'll finally die maybe I'll be finally free Chorus My superstition got me wishin' for another life and if I don't listen I ain't gonna make it through another night and the pills 'n the caine and the drink and the drugs got me floating above And the girls and cash the cars and the hash got me feelin' a rush A thousand voices in my head I don't know right from wrong I'm breakin' down holdin' on I'm livin' song to song and Pipe you're my brother 'till the day that we die I don't give a fuck who hears me cause I ain't gonna lie so roll it up pour a cup drink it up smoke it up I don't give a fuck we bout to blow this shit up Chorus

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