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Versuri Spread Your Wings

Sammy was low Just watching the show Over and over again Knew it was time He'd made up his mind To leave his dead life behind His boss said to him Boy you'd better begin, To get those crazy notions right out of your head Sammy who do you think you that you are? You should've been sweeping up the Emerald Bar Ref.: Spread your wings and fly away Fly away, far away Spread your little wings and fly away Fly away, far away Pull yourself together 'Cos you know you should do better That's because your a free man He spends his evenings alone in his hotel room Keeping his thoughts to himself, he'd be leaving soon Wishing he was miles and miles away Nothing in this world, nothing would make him stay Since he was small Had no luck at all Nothing came easy to him Now it was time He'd made up his mind This could be my last chance His boss said to him, Now listen boy! You're always dreaming You've got no real ambition, you won't get very far Sammy boy, don't you know who you are? Why can't you be happy at the Emerald Bar? So honey, Ref.

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