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I got me some cookin' Not all that good lookin' He's mighty sweet to me That's how he's keepin' me I ain't worried `bout the future The here and now is lookin' cuter I like his recipe That's why I'm layin' Chorus You are just like my favorite spoon Cause you stir me up I'm as full as a harvest moon Still I need more in my cup And only you can give it to me Am I happy? (I think so) Don't be so emotional (I can't help it, no) Will he be there? (I think so) It's one thing that I do know This I know Everybody needs to feel it Can't beg, borrow or steal it Love is all about lovin' When it's hot like an oven I ain't worried `bout the future The here and now is lookin' cuter Got plenty 'o time for sortin' Cause Mama's little baby loves her shortnin' bread Chorus piesa versuri. muzica straina asculta cantece descarca Spoon melodia Chaka Khan descarca versuri versurile.

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