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Riding the withered shadows grey Below the nightsky blind astray Hasty led, by the four I'm brought To the abyss of bewildered thought A path away from all that's mortal They guide me through the spherical portal Riding with the horsemen Saddleback on black neurosis The dust it's silent hooves thread The marsh of sleep where all is dead Through Palus Somnii as spite I'm lead As spite I followed One by one Till corners four To see all gone With death I witnessed Your pleads for grace With famine We sat your crops ablaze Your people died Your land brought to hunger With pestilence upon you As spite I followed One by one Till corners four To see all gone And finally war Avoke the lust of my spite As all I would conquer The world would see might As spite I watched with a faceless grin Your world led to ruin As the manifest of sin With Palus Somnii left behind I crave the achievements Spun of the mind For I possess the four As I remain spite as the fifth (Merciless to the core) I shall strike down upon you As I bring the four For I know those paths I rode with my kin To satisfy this craving To revel in sin

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