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Versuri Spirit Of Purity

[Lyrics by Hubertus] Like an endless sound you whisper. Like burning fire you walk through water. Where water is calm there is my yearning to appeal you. If danger lie in wait at night i will not fear my destiny because you surround me with courage of victory. Shadows embrace the sorrows of pain. The dawn reveal the brew of life. Spirit of purity, my soul you shield. O you mighty spirit. Before time you were created. From the father you have arised, Your greatness no one can conquer. O you mighty spirit. Before time you were created. You are an essence of power, the timeless universe you embrace. The demons of darkness cannot fight him. His power is eternal. As a wind he liberates, liberates the curse of hell. The messenger of purity you are, like a flame of fire you fill my soul. So fill my soul with purity, purity by the blood of Christ.

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