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Speed Bump Lyrics Next to the sidewalk I have been layed up there for days And if I could walk I would walk away Does someone miss me? Does someone wonder where I've gone? Are they unhappy? They won't see me again My bones are broken But I need to get up and go My insides showing They don't need to show This situation seems to have put me in a hole I need attention They won't see me again I don抰 think I'll be going home today I'm not that healthy I don't imagine I look well I'm getting messy Everyone can tell I've been invaded There's something picking at my skin I am degrading They won't see me again I'm so ashamed now I'm well behaved now I think I'm tame now I've lost the game now I'm rearranged now I feel estranged now I need a change now I don't feel pain now

Speed Bump cuvinte muzica straina versurile Bracket melodiei album versuri album. Melodia descarca asculta versuri album.

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