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This place feels so unfamiliar And yet I know it well I think I used to belong here But the only way I can tell Is that I miss you still And I cannot find you here You left me tattered and torn Just like that Sweet Spanish doll (Sweet Spanish...Sweet Spanish...) doll I went down to the alley way (Sierra la Bonita) And found that you were gone Spanish doll: si nunca te fueras (if you would never leave) You left no word no message I still don't know Exactly what went wrong Spanish doll: lágrimas (tears) But now no matter where I go I always seem to return Spanish doll: búscame (find me) To where you left me tattered and torn Spanish doll: yo estoy rompido mi muñeca (I am torn my sweet doll) Just like that sweet Spanish doll (Sweet spanish...Sweet Spanish doll) A memory guilded in red and gold Spanish doll: del oro (of gold) Beauty guarded and never sold Spanish doll: cuídame (protect me) I keep it with me wherever I go And I love you still Spanish doll: Recuérdame (remember me) No matter how a story will unfold You know I always will Spanish doll: Rescátame (Rescue Me) Have part of you here In this souvenir (Spanish doll) A stranger in this world without you Is all that I can ever be All I know that's pure and clear You left it with me here In this souvenir Spanish... [fading] Spanish... Spanish... ...Doll MAN: And here is father and lovely daughter, shot down in her mistaken flight... (Sweet Spanish...Sweet) MAN: ....unaware yet how her life will be affected by this...experience. (Sweet...Sweet...) GIRL: Mommy, how come you cry? MAN: While what was really happened was in the years of her childhood... (Sweet Spanish...Sweet) MAN: Perhaps that is where the real story is: in her family house. GIRL: How come it's a house of leaves? (Sweet Spanish...Sweet Spanish) GIRL: How come it's a house of leaves? Spanish doll: Recuérdame (Applause)

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