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She lies in bed out of her head sucking a cigarette Closing her eyes she really tries to make believe she's dead But she's not She's not In the next tomb her old man's room it's another night He slips away on cathode ray into the TV light Yea it's on But he's gone We live on South Hampton Avenue We'll leave the welcome light on for you Now that you think you know who we are How do you like us so far Right down the stairs my mom is there under the mushroom cloud Sometimes she sits sometimes she knits sometimes she talks out loud To herself She's allowed Hanging on the wall up and down the hall pictures of family My brother Dave is on display for all the world to see Now he's gone He moved on We live on South Hampton Avenue I've got a feelin' that so do you...

Descarca Blessid Union Of Souls cuvintele cuvintele South Hampton Avenue melodiei melodiei. Versuri asculta cuvintele muzica straina descarca versuri.

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