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Sail with me Across the sea So we can see what's going on Along the way, Red stack the bong We'll make it tight alright We'll write the one That makes her cum The one that makes it so she can't sleep tonight [CHORUS] So bombs away and as they say Here's to oblivion And cheers to you As well it's through Sound siren She's still cryin Its over, it's over Sound siren It's over, it's over We'll have some fun Play with a loaded gun Try not to shoot and kill no one Cause I would feel like shit But in the same regard Its getting hard to deal with it And I'm sick of it And no place is too far [CHORUS] So bombs away and as they say Well it's over now, it's over now She's gone, yeah and he won't go away [CHORUS]

Album muzica Sound Siren muzica cantece muzica straina melodiei. Cantece melodia versuri ultima melodie versuri mp3 Unwritten Law ultima melodie.

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