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Sonny say you will, take me strolling with you out on the boardwalk 'Cause you know you always make me feel Like we are lovers on parade with your sweet talk You look so cool but I know that you care The way you run your fingers through my hair You make me feel like I'm a star on your sleeve The way you hold me it's so wild and sweet And Sonny say we will, go walking down by the ocean 'Cause the night can get so still, and lovers they can get the notion The street is crazy with the summer heat Lost souls collide and try to land on their feet You make me feel like I'm no ordinary girl Why don't we walk out of this every day world And Sonny say we will, spend the night all alone together This is some kinda wonderful, Sonny let it last forever Oh Sonny say you will, Sonny let it last forever and ever and ever Sonny say you will, I know you will I know you will

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