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feat. Big Tymers, Mickey (Mack 10) what? (Baby) hmm-hmm (Mack 10) you reday to tell 'em (Baby) listen tell 'em about you fresh hook 1: (Mickey) we got them things got them brains got a million dollars locked in the stock exchange told the dealer keep the change when i cop the rings we lock the game we got them things verse 1: (Mack 10) i got 30 cars, lived a rich life like a hundred hoes & like 3 wives all guns & no knives (soooo serious) (Baby) i got 40 cars, fuck a bike i don't ride cause i don't like it's 3 t's & fuck nights (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) well i gotta bike & that bitch on chrome with a built in 2-way motorola phone i wear the nights cause my reeboks torn (soooo serious) (Mack 10) it's inglewood not hollywood fuck the hills i love the 'hood i cook the work & i front the goods (soooo serious) (Baby) melcamean, magnolia calio we all soldiers outsidaz get fucked over (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) downtown nino rounds in the club parking lot goin' round & round po-lice what? skirr donuts i'm (soooo serious) (Mack 10) i don't talk about it i be about it i drive by & bust heat about it in the front page you'll read about it (soooo serious) (Baby) i was taught about it how to be about it how to hustle 'cane, how to re-route it if the feds on me nigga i don't doubt it (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) nigga please money hercules i shake the flees keep bitches on they knees have built some trees with white tees i'm (soooo serious) hook 2: (Mickey) we got the dough, got the cars got the hoes, go the stars got them broads in manosaga twars when i drop my draws they like Oh My God verse 2: (Baby) got 2000, 2-0-2 a rag top that's candy blue fuck dubs, it's 22 (soooo serious) (Mack 10) gotta 61 & a 62 & a 64 that's light blue & i don't ride like a domoo (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) gotta blacked-out ree all in the league under the seat, keep the dessert eagle gotta call my baretta make a nigga wetter (soooo serious) than a crack head in the summertime with a sweater (Baby) all platinum, no good every album, million sold c-m-r will never fold (soooo serious) (Mack 10) gotta bentley coup & 2 range & my new spotter it just came got work you need them thangs (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) we the stars with the cars & the matching boats i give away money cause i love my folks got the matching gators to go with them coats i'm (soooo serious) (Baby) not 1 thang but 2 thangs cmr & hoo bangin' where the work cause we do slang (soooo serious) hook 2 verse 3: (Manny Fresh) don't give a fuck where you're from fuck with us & i'm a show your pussy ass we ain't scared to bust from the c-e-o to the rest of us we (soooo serious) (Mack 10) chuck taylors & fat laces & 211's & dope cases & pit fights & street races (soooo serious) (Baby) i'm tatooed & slugged up absolutely fucked up ridin' around in big trucks (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) whatever you do nigga do it great i'm a millionaire homie it's about the cake if fresh fuckin' made it then the shit gonna shake i'm (soooo serious) (Mack 10) night train & koolaide & thunderbird & gatoraide & barrettes in my braid (soooo serious) (Baby) big stunner, carleon godfather, suga don frank nitty & al kapone (Manny Fresh) thunderbird, swiss malt liquor tell ya mom you met a real ass nigga that'll get you with the knife or get you with the trigga i'm (soooo serious) (Mack 10) ice cube & dr. dre & easy-e they made the way connect gangin', nwa (soooo serious) hook 2 verse 4: (Baby) outkast, b.g. hot boys, tlc trick daddy & wheezy-whee (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) you don't know who dj screw scarfaced nigga & gangsta boo that nigga woof & treat a bitch like woof (soooo serious) (Mack 10) dominoes, & i shoot dice had a gang of roaches & a few mice said fuck it nigga that's ghetto life (soooo serious) (Baby) got 10 cheddar on my spread white fox on my bed with a stocking cap on my head (soooo serious) (Manny Fresh) bought ahead the new escalade where a bush fuckin' fed no i'm so damn paid for heaven sakes right there with bill gates (soooo serious) (Mack 10) i hit corners, slung blocks took hits & bust glocks keep it gansta, fuck cops (soooo serious) (Baby) ridin' on them oj's 32's with big blades dog hoes that give us head (soooo serious) hook 2 minus last 2 line Soooo Serious repeated 3 times

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