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Honey, love, honey look what you do to me I can`t think, I can`t act, the way I use to be Got no choice just your voice sends me thru the roof I`m a mess, I confess it`s because of you Ref: Ooohhh...shook me up so quickly Uuuhhh...bend me like a smooth breeze Smooth like the air I take you into me You`re all I crave, everything within me Just like the air you`re there around me Smooth everywhere you`re still you make me fall Turn around, take me down `til you feel the moves Come on in and again we can make the grooves Close you`re eyes not so much Just to see a light Run away to escape you`re around me By my side Ref: ......

Ultima melodie iio versuri muzica straina ultima melodie versurile cuvinte Smooth. Descarca cuvintele House cuvintele asculta versuri cantece.

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