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Versuri Slave To The Night

Let me introduce myself I'm your fear Do you really know who I am? I'll be everything you need or dream of I'll slowly take you to the end So many times I wish I wasn't Only a shade But at the sunset I feel somethin' Burn inside me Slave to the night I can hear your heartbeat while you sleepin' Greed takes possession of me Let me sink my teeth into your young throat Hey don't turn you back to me now It's so hard to live forever alone Ther's no rest for me And no love at all Always lookin' for somethin' I can't have In this darkness now I'm becomin' mad 'cause I know this nite I will kill again Now in the end I'm still lookin' for someone to love But than the sunset I feel somethin' Burn inside me

Cuvinte asculta Labyrinth cuvintele cuvintele versuri. Album melodia muzica straina Slave To The Night melodia ultima melodie cuvinte cuvinte asculta versuri.

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