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Written By Knight/Wolinski/Gammons Sittin' alone with a head full of empty thought Playing with time that she just doesn't have Dreamin' that life is a stranger that brings you flowers Prayin' the dream is real as she feels it is Dreams bring you anything Hoping that chance could Bring you to the other side Wanting a future there Feeling that love affair with the other side Sista sista Better run better fly Better weather on the other side Sista sista Stand up tall don't you ever fall Sista sista Can't you hear my call Over the bridge turning right at the stop sign Lives a woman who thinks as you do Watchin' the world thru' the glare of a TV screen Wonderin' what's round the corner for you I would give anything Hoping that chance could bring me to the other side Soon as my thoughts are clear One day I'll see you there On the other side Chorus (x3)

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