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Versuri Sir lancelot and the black knight

Fight fight fight fight Excalibur the sword of right Lancelot you rise a knight Many quests will soon be fought To win your place in Arthur's court. Go to waste land if you dare Lure the Black Knight from his lair Fight and kill the evil man Rid his evil from our land. Kneeling in prayer, Lancelot gave the knight Knowing to save the waste land he must fight Eager to kill all those who came his way He must stay He must fight The Black Knight, The Black Knight. Fight fight fight fight. Fight fight fight fight The dawn approaches, clearing sky Very soon a knight must die Black Knight towering on his horse Struck Lancelot with fearsome force. Lancelot held fast his ground Then struck the Black Knight to the ground Leapt from his horse and then he smote A single thrust and pierced his throat. Answer my prayers, help me to save this land Guide me by truth laid down by Arthur's hand Evil is gone, only good we shall see Victory In this land By God's hand By God's hand.

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