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activate fantastic aeon assymetry breaks at hand kaleidoscope phenomenon celluloid charmin' scenes enter this decade of glamour then float slowly in the mud new colorful rollercoaster highs and lows - merry-go-round hoi polloi dolls - suburban riots spit or swallow - new raw deal plastic bullets' entertainment adrenalize at v.h.f. accelerate changin' seasons spontaneous & breathless kid fluctuate the consequences expansing & advanced forms no awkward situations call us squalid misanthropes share the sick & dirty thoughts on our obscene channel low monochromatic dementia no hideout for reservoir dogs our fury well designed brave new world - yet undone lowest common denominator good-for-nothing Jack The Lad ever happiest high powered killjoy an idiotic ignorant with a fast tracks installation inspiring ingrowing net corporate revolution lost luxuries monuments

Muzica straina versuri mp3 piesa piesa. Sinusoid Forward Elysium piesa versuri muzica.

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