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Tangle up your twisted tongue. It's simple. Mesmerize your everyday. It's simple. Hey hey can't you see? Love is all that you should need. Can't you see? Ease your troubled mind. Let love seek & let love find. It's simple. Ease your weary soul. Let love lead & let love flow. It's simple. Pry into combative times. It's simple. Forfeit all lush concerns. It's simple. Hey hey don't you care? Love is all that you should share. Don't you care? Cleansing out your tarnished heart. It's simple. Learning from each other can be simple. Hey hey don't we know? Love is all that we should show. Don't we know?

Versuri cuvinte asculta Simple cuvinte muzica straina versuri cuvintele melodia melodiei versurile. Mp3 Collective Soul cantece.

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