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Well, I met an old man walkin' down the street His clothes were torn and tattered With sandals on his feet And I stopped to help him And lend him a hand He said, I love you so much But you must understand 1st Chorus: Silver and gold might buy you a home But things of this world They won't last you long And time has a way of turning us old And time can't be bought back with silver and gold And he said to me, let's rest for awhile For I have some good news to share with you, child He said, you can't change this old world The people need to know That a dear savior died here A long, long time ago Repeat 1st Chorus His eyes shown like diamonds And his smile was heaven sent His hair was long and flowing And his back was slightly bent And I knew he knew it For that day I changed As I watched him walk on I forgot to get his name 2nd Chorus: He said, silver and gold can't buy you a home When this life has ended And your time is gone But you can live in a world where You'll never grow old And things can't be bought there with silver and gold Tag: And time can't be bought back with silver and gold

Cuvinte asculta Dolly Parton cuvintele cuvintele versuri. Album melodia muzica straina Silver And Gold melodia ultima melodie cuvinte cuvinte asculta versuri.

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