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Billy's confused he's been abused, Billy's bemused with Barbara, she went with Billy but he's so silly she's finished with him now. All the wedding plans have gone down the drain will Billy ever see Babs again? [Chorus:] He's a silly Billy, why can't Billy not see? that Babs is just a slag she's a dirty bag she just wants his willy but poor Billy can't see that she's a trollop & he's a silly Billy Babs is back she's got the knack knows how to wrap him round her finger her little finger a kiss and a cuddle now Billy's in a muddle coz Babs has gone again Now what's gonna happen to the honeymoon? Babs has gone & Billy's been a goon. [Chorus]

Cantece album melodiei muzica. Cuvinte Silly Billy muzica straina ultima melodie Toy Dolls mp3 versuri muzica versuri versurile.

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