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Well there's crying in the kitchen and there's fighting on the street And there's cocaine in the schoolyard yet my heart don't miss a beat I can't let go, no he can't let go And the preacher's on the telly and he's handing me the phone Got an ulcer in his belly and a torment in his soul He can't let go, no he can't let go Everybody wants a contribution Telling me they've got the best solution No one wants the carousel to slowdown Seems to me we're heading for a showdown And there's poison in the water And there's holes up in the sky And the children keep on asking "Is the planet going to die?" We must let go, we must let go Got to get fired - it's going to get hot We've got to take it higher, give it everything we got oh - oh, you never know, oh way to go Everybody's talking revolution Politicians offer no solution No one seems to want to face the lowdown Seems to me we're heading for a showdown asculta melodiei melodiei cantece piesa Roger Hodgson melodia. Cuvintele piesa Showdown versuri muzica straina descarca cuvintele versuri versurile

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