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(Billy Ray Cyrus) I can feel your teardrops on my shoulder I don't know what to say or what to do You're the one who told me it was over You said this love affair was all but through Well I know that there's two sides To every story And that's what's going on inside my soul 'Cause my heart is saying Leave and you'll be sorry But my mind is saying it's time for me to go And my heart says I should stay But my mind says I should go Should we end our love today? Or should we let it grow? And my heart says I should stay But my mind says I should go Tell me if you love me, let me know Tell me, Should I Stay or Should I Go? To think of me without you, I'm so lonely 'Cause you're the one Who helped me for so long All the nights we'd lay to love each other With the radio playing our favorite song And I remember when you told me You first loved me With teardrops in my eyes I said I love you too And my heart still feels the same And will forever But my mind is tellin' me That we're all through Should I Stay or Should I Go? Tell me please I need to know

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