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In a dance hall by the river, I was singing in a travelling band Just another small town night, with a silver moon shining I remember when I saw you, that first moment when it all began You looked across a crowded room, and stole my heart away. And we stood out in the moonlight, in the shadow of a factory wall Music playing soft and low, and a gentle breeze sighing And the light on the river was magic, yes a magic that I still recall Moments come and moments go, but these moments still remain. Remember how we met, down by the waterside How easily we forget, all the love that we knew. So we married our fortunes together, and we sealed it with a golden band But somewhere down along the road, we could see the flame dying Now an exiled heart gets weary, like two strangers in a foreign land We reached the point of no return, a long long time ago. Remember how we met, down by the waterside How easily we forget, all the love that we knew. Drums/Percussion: Arran Ahmun Bass Guitar: Ian Maidman Keyboards: Alan Clark / Kenny Craddock Hammond Organ: Kenny Craddock Saxophone: Mel Collins Vocals: Gerry Rafferty

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