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nowhere will be world, but inside there could be a future, I see it bright, I don't see it clear there is a place, I'm part of it with you there is joy and all the pleasure and there is also something I longed for I'd give it all up, I'd throw it all away but all that's left is me here in despair hear the serenade this serenade of my soul my tearful words for you to shine maybe you are present right now and maybe I point at you right now and if you are not I wish it would be that you would listen to my wail I want to wave farewell to my lament forget all my pain, my waking hours I'll wake you in the morning in a time when luck is mine I await a time for me to shine descarca cuvintele versurile album cantece cuvintele versuri descarca. Cadaverous Condition muzica straina Shine melodiei versuri.

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