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She has the silence deep in her breasts embraced She wears a perfume of a truly vicious taste. She has the wisdom in her empathic eyes. She knows the truth to all unspoken lies. She says she'd seel her angel for a dream She says that she is not who she might seem She says that she has lost her self-esteem She says that she will not give up her dream She offers traitors her lap to feel like home. She masteres violence as if she fears noone. She makes your anger turn into quiet tears. She makes you laugh about intimate fears. She hears the voices that tell me what to do. She look into our eyes, but only smiles at you. She knows the warmth she feels is not for long. She stopped to speak that's why I end this song. It's kind of funny, you know... 'cause I'm not really hear for your psycho games Little demons make your eyes turn silver, you freak! Your lips are turning blue No, this is really not my kind of stimulation No, this is not a proper treatment Life? You can have it if you want! It doesn't mean anything to me, anyway, you freak! muzica versuri versuri piesa piesa melodia cantece melodia muzica straina She. Piesa Diary Of Dreams piesa piesa mp3.

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