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Versuri She saw you

Why did you tell your girlfriend you were hanging with the boys She called me last night and I tried to cover for ya She asked if I liked the flick that we all went out to see I said, âooo uh, it was niceâ She said, âDonât you lie to meâ You messed up you shoulda warned me first (she saw you) Iâm sad to tell ya You shoulda told me âcause you made it worse (she saw you) unlucky fella You better take that credit card (she saw you) to Cartier You better hope with all you got (she saw you) She feels like forgiving you today Too bad for you You were out there trying to be a player, now sheâs gone, itâs true Itâs hard to feel that sorry for you She saw you, now this is the end Saw you kiss the very girl (whoâs supposed to be) only your friend Sheâs convinced you took her heart And played with it like a toy And from what I heard, you just might need you a lawyer Itâs too late for feeling bad, you did not respect the girl You tried to play around And got caught with your pants down You canât escape from what youâve done (she saw you) your time is up Youâre like a deer whoâs caught up in (she saw you) the headlights of love You canât be too proud to plead (she saw you) sheâs gonna make you pay Forgiveness is what you need (she saw you) sheâs too mad to let you get away Looks bad to me You were busy trying to be a player Now sheâs gone, breathe deep You canât be doing that creep, creep, creep, creep She saw you, now this is the end Saw you kiss the very girl (whoâs supposed to be) only your friend

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