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Versuri She Was My Girl

Written by Jerry Cantrell Copacetic, calm my frenetic, she's the s**t y'all Highly-rated, well-educated, she's an angel She's ambitious, beautiful, delicious, got a restaurant I can take it, truth stripped me naked, yeah I f**ked up...yeah She was my girl Used to be my world I miss my girl What a fine girl She put together, says she's doing better since she let go Repeated dreamer, now and then I see her and we have lunch Ever playful, hook the jumper cable, give me fresh spark Sister ringing, old reminder stinging, bridges burned hoss...yeah Chorus She called me up, I guess she pretty stuck, she needed my help It made me happy, hence the lyric sappy, I still love her...yeah Chorus Such a fine girl I miss my girl Used to be my world She was my girl

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