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Oh I feel somebody And I want you to know about You see I want you to feel it too So just listen to me baby. Can't stop me now hear what I say My feet wanna move so-get out of my way I'm gonna have my say I'm goin' to every discotheque I'm gonna dance dance dance - ooh - 'Til the break of day. I say : Shame shame shame shame on you. If you can't dance too. I say : Shame shame shame shame Shame shame shame shame on you. If you can't dance too. Don't stop the motion if you get the notion You can't stop the groove 'cos you just wanna move Got my sunroof down got my diamond in the back Put on your shaky wig woman If you don't I ain't coming back. Shame shame shame shame on you . . . If you don't wanna go Remember one monkey don't stop no show My body needs action and I ain't gonna blow. Yes I'm goin' out and find a dancing man If you really think you're fast Try to catch me if you can. Shame...

Versurile versuri versurile versuri versurile versurile muzica descarca. A*teens ultima melodie album descarca Shame shame shame muzica straina ultima melodie.

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