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The way you kiss me when I'm strokin' deep inside of it I swear you ride it so good (So good) That pussy blow me away And I been thinkin' 'bout your smile All mornin' for a while 'Bout the way you twist your face while I'm strokin' in and out And now, girl you shocked me, I'm so wowed Got me slippin', I'm like how? First I met you on the 'Gram, I picked you up and took you out Let me show you what I'm 'bout Let them haters run they mouth You should know you somethin' different 'cause I brought you to my house Serve you breakfast on my couch Anything you ever need you know I'll be there with no doubt I need you by my side, I hope you're here to ride I hate to see you hurtin', my lil' baby, wipe your eyes

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