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Trapped Inside This Unknown Void Of Life I Now Find Myself Drawn Across This Infinite Depth Of Pain My Life Can Never Be Saved Suffer Through The Light Embrace The Darkness Feel The Burning Pain Seep Through Your Life As It Tears Your Soul Apart Know The End Will Soon Be With You Now My Nightmare Is Your Reality I Reach Across This Tomb Blood Flows From This Wound A World I Never Knew A World Together We ll Go Severed From My Mind My Consciousness Derives Its Last Embrace Death Above It All I Now Await Its Final Release Torn From Visions Unknown In Darkness Dying Alone Brought Back To Where I Belong Death Embrace Me Once More An Infinitude Of Pain Brought About By My Own Life Twisting Out Of Consciousness Locked In This Tomb And As I Wait For The Almighty One To Put An End To It All My Soul Descends From This Womb And In The Darkness I Find My Withered, Shattered Body Wasting Away My Life, A Tragedy Was Nothing But Pain I Pray That Consciousness Leaves Me Soon & Releases Me From This Hell For I Know The End Brings Nothingness And An End To The Pain Nothing But Death Remains A Final Release From The Pain A Severing Twist From This Knife An End To This Darkened Life A Final Tragedy Something You'll Never See An Unknown Darkness Awaits Taking Me From This Place

Forlorn Suffering asculta descarca muzica straina. ultima melodie versuri album Severance melodiei versuri album melodia versurile.

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