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Versuri Set Fire To That Lot! (Speech)

Rodney Burke: I've got one card here and it's on the same subject, eh, but this one says, We think the show is great and we dig the Beatles the most, but we still haven't heard a word from Ringo yet. Ringo: Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf! Rodney: And how about him singing? Well, what will you sing for us, Ringo? Will you say a few words? Ringo: Hello, there, kiddies. I'd like to sing a song for you today called Matchbox. There you go. Rodney: Set fire to that lot. Okay, Ringo, thanks very much. Ringo: Don't you et smart with me, you know. Rodney: Do you mind? Get over to your microphone, Matchbox.

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