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You have no choice between left or right 'cause your own birth was your fate blocking your mind, the truth is so clear a life in hate you get it here it's this disease you now obey no hope or cure it will go it's way captured in a social misery the consiousness now you see kill all the others make them bleed feel like a hero greedy about victory do the work now that has to be done create the pain the time still runs blow out their lives god's on your side, be satisfied when their guts are open wide think about the glory you soon will get it doesn't matter that others pay take it into your hand time to get cruel for that you stand slicing the flesh practice selected killing looking in the face of death quit your life in blood you rest - violent world you know death comes for sure and slow the end is there you soon regret a wasted life and horrible death you rot away in agony and bounded freedom that's what you see the other side was too fast for you the same ideas they believe in too an ugly bullet sticks in your head it stops right here now wake up death!

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