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seconds once ignored - now cherished as they begin to tick away panting, like a dog in the wind throat constricted swelling as a tumor - i can scarcely breathe my eyes stand in the way to the world i need to see hazy melting images coated in glue begin sliding from my view and i trample on top of them now a blind fool now a blind fool oh my heavy, heavy aching legs cannot do the work of ten men to lift my feet of stone clumsy, my arms long and leaden - they drag behind me carving deep trenches in the rotting earth oh so tightened stretched beyond belief my skin cracks with the weight of my dying body and the rage in my head blood trickles down from my burning eyes and stings my charred lips oh dear god - if you would but save me so much as a finger on my hand surely i could find the strength to climb atop a cloud in your sky and echo your praises into the light of a new day but my words are lost as my bones snap suddenly and i am left to lie upon the burning remnants of my life seconds eternity the clock ceases inside of me oh this silence, this emptiness inside for the grinding of my teeth at the searing pain of my flesh and the stench which infiltrates my every pore silence eternity might as well relax it's much too late to cancel all my reservations in hell

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