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[1] I didn't believe in the power of love I've never seen love at the first sight I don't know how ypu ever found me I didn't know of this old misery I soon realized the connection was there Now I knew that this was despair [2] And we've been there before Through the seasons of strife [3] Visions of yesterday Mesmerized so far away Flashes of yesteryear The seasons soon disapear [4] I've seen...the seasons I've lived...the seasons [5] You are the keeper of my lost soul You have the way to make us whole I've called to ypu so many times I did not know where to try [repeat 2] Now I believe in the power of love Now I have seen love at the first sight [repeat 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5]

Ultima melodie Kenziner melodia album cuvintele. Ultima melodie versuri ultima melodie muzica straina cuvinte versuri versurile Seasons piesa.

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