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when i wake up in the morning and the markets on the morning i don't think im gonna make it on time by the time i got my books and i give my self a look i'm on the corner just in time to see the bus fly by! it's all right because im saved by the bell. if a teacher pops a test i know im in a mess because my dog ate all my homework last night. right and low in my chair she don't know that im there if i hand it in tommro it will be alright! it's all right beacause im saved by the bell. (tune of song) ( song starts all over: it's all right becasue im save by the it's all right because im saved by the it's all right because im save by the bell versuri cantece cuvinte melodia versuri Saved By The Bell descarca cuvintele. Louise Goffin muzica straina ultima melodie piesa cantece melodiei mp3.

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