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whenever i step outside, somebody claims to see the light it seems to me that all of us have lost our patience. 'cause everyone thinks they're right, and nobody thinks that there just might be more than one road to our final destination but i'm not ever going to know if i'm right or wrong 'cause we're all going in the same direction and i'm not sure which way to go because all along we've been going in the same direction i'm tired of playing games, of looking for someone else to blame for all the holes in answers that are clearly showing for something to fill the space, was all of the time i spent a waste 'cause so many choices point the same way i was going..... so why does there only have to be one correct philosophy? i don't want to go and follow you just to end up like one of them and why are you always telling me what you want me to believe? i'd like to think that i can go my own way and meet you in the end. but i'm not ever going to know..........

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