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Now there is this place With so much space It's at the bottom of the world So it lay unspoiled Wind and rain, hurricane And the blackman reigned Till the white man came They sailed to you Sail to you People talk there And they talk here About the new world They say its the last frontier But its so one dimension I feel apprehension And you can't disguise The condescension I sail to you I sail to you Dear old England had a mind Around that time 'Cause they had a few problems with The rising crime Wouldn't lose our head If you stole a loaf of bread You got a one way ticket To Australia instead I don't know why, I don't even try To work out all of the reasons why Well its like a drug--gets in the blood Calls me back and thats enough I fly to you Fly to you I don't care and you don't care All I know thats its there Breath the air into my lungs And pray that doomsday never comes Sail to you Sail to you

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