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I am a poor freezingly cold soul So far from where I intended to go Scavenging through life's very constant lows So far from where I'm determined to go Wish I knew the way to reach the one I love There is no way ... Wish I had the charm to attract the one I love But you see, I've got no charm Mmm... Tonight I've consumed much more than I can hold Oh, this is very clear to you And you can tell I have never really loved You can tell, by the way, I sleep all day And all of my life no-one gave me anything No-one has ever given me anything My love is as sharp as a needle in your eye You must be such a fool To pass me by

Album cuvinte cuvintele versuri melodia asculta melodiei Morrissey. Album versuri muzica straina SEASICK, YET STILL DOCKED muzica melodiei mp3.

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