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Ah Living by the law is a bloody necessary bore Everybody are you gettin' what you're lookin' for? Livin' by the rule is somethin' that you gotta do! But does it matter if we (Break a rule or two?) Get up, break out, don't be the odd one out Livin' on the edge, I'm a tryin' to keep a level head Ev'ry morning it's a bummer gettin' out of bed Same old story does a nothin' ever ever change? Yeah, they lock me up and then they let me out again Get up! - Break out! Don't be the odd one out C'mon, it's alright we're hot tonight You better run - Run riot You gotta run - Run riot You know the time has come Run - Run riot I mean ev'ryone Run - Yeah, run riot Oh, gotta riot babe Goin' thru the motions desperation guaranteed Whoa, get f-f-frustrated easily Pedal to the metal senses working overtime Hey, gonna fight to the finish baby Draw the line!

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