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gangster dem no walk with out dem handgun hug it up kiss it up dem nor put it down any minute any second dem will shoot you down ragga dagger dagger dan straight out the magnum ghetto life you know its real fire shots and dem ah rob and steal no bodder talk or you ago feel co you no say we are the real ruffneck dem are de1 de1 de1 ruffneck dem are de original what what what ruffneck come make we tell dem how we stay ruffneck you no dem feel no way ruffneck ruffneck watch how dem ah run it in an out the city informer dem fe end in a cemetery gangsterfari babylon are on the pay roll even the vatican dem have under control fire 6 shot beco you know say we hot we run the corner we run the spot people pay the piper other wise they get kill an if you cant pay jah jah no you ago feel ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck bad boy no walk with out dem handgun hug it up and kiss it up dem nor put it down any minute any second dem will shoot you down ricky tiggy tiggy tong straight out the magnum ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck time to pay know wheres my cash take this dick out with the trash where's my shit don't fuck with me this bag could fit you nicely ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck badboy know walk with out dem handgun dem ah villian dem ah killan control by satan runinng the white and running the brown running the green and running the town if you talk to much you ago end up in the ground ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck ruffneck

Cantece muzica straina descarca asculta Skindred melodia descarca mp3 melodiei cantece. Versuri versuri piesa versurile Ruff neck album cuvinte.

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