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1 A.M., the club is closing down. it's been a long day We're on a great big road trip from coast to coast The map is in our hands, wave goodbye and off we go Free from normal life This adventure is our history, we're out here on our own Whoa, here we go We'll never get there, we'll never get there If we didn't, who would care? 6 A.M., the sky is turning light. Wish I could go home LA to Salt Lake in one long night The sun is coming up but my body feels cold inside What am I doing? This adventure is our history, we're out here on our own Then there are times when I feel so alone and no one knows who I am Then there are times when Gabe and Mike and Dom are there to be friends Then there are times when The kids we meet mean more to us Than we ever thought they could Driving all day, driving all night Asking for directions, should have turned right Sleeping on the floor, driving through the snow Sweaty, smoky venues at every single show El Diablo is our home Still one question: where did Gabe go?

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