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Rosalita's crawling round the knees Rest my head, she's calling to me In my dreams she's there for me But open my eyes to see you there I am falling Sweetness, since you left me It's been your flag I'm flying But I'm sick of crying Why did you choose to deceive me? Was your plan just to kiss, fuck and leave me? So, considerately, just please talk to me I won't portray myself so pitifully My little conceit, you see Is that I will never need you more than now Rosalita's walking out on me Close the door, she's stalling, I see She's so sweet, but not for me But as we sit around and laugh about She's trying to call me Darling, though you hurt me It's not from my lack of trying You've got a fear of flying high You have lost your patience I see myself sink in your estimations Forget the salutations Just please study these tears Your bitter words they just confirm my fears Gonna let it fuck up all the years Yet I will not need you more than now Beautiful bitch, I could consider this a simple glitch You're just a hopeless stitch in time But then for your crimes Please find yourself a little guilty with these lines Got your conscience on my mind Because I could not need you more Oh, I could not need you more Yeah, I could not need you more than now Could not need you more than now

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