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Staring at the broke street light. Some of those lonely nights. I didn't know if we would make it through. Staying up till five a.m. Watching the sun come up again if I could. Prechorus: So if I call will you be there I miss the nights we used to share Chorus: Up on the rooftop listening to punk rock. Nobody believed us this could be our one shot. That was all we had. The nights that we wasted got us through the days that seemed never ending, always in a haze. But we just didnt care. No we just didn't care. The only place that we could go. Staring at a world we didn't know. Wondering if this wall we had. 40 oz. intoxicated dreams, all our faded memories. Thats what made us who we are today. Prechorus.............. All these nights left alone is what made us. All these nights left alone is what made us. Its what made us. Chorus

Rooftops asculta cantece cuvinte. album cantece muzica versuri asculta cantece ultima melodie versuri M.E.S.T muzica straina.

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