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Versuri Ron Dixon Dumped DD

Na na na D-D's got a horses head, enough to make yer sick How could Ron Dixon have wed Red Rum with lipstick The most repulsive sight on earth, to ugly to discuss How could anyone give birth to a bird so hideous [Chorus:] Ron Dixon, Ron Dixon he, Ron Dixon he, dumped D-D Ron Dixon, Ron Dixon he, Ron Dixon he, dumped D-D D-D she could not believe when Bev got the hots for Ron But D-D Ronny did deceive, deceitful Ron Dixon The chance that Ron had waited for, he gave D-D the push This was the last time Ronny saw D-D's monstrous mush Ron Dixon...Guitar time...Ron Dixon Ron Dixon he dumped D-D...D-D cuvinte muzica straina versurile versuri. Melodia muzica versuri versurile cantece cantece melodia cantece cuvinte cantece muzica Toy Dolls Ron Dixon Dumped DD.

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