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Rollercoaster Lyrics Today's the day, we're out to play And lost our way, it's always the same - oh baby now Climbed the trees, swam the seven seas We've grazed our knees and no-one's to blame Come and sit beside us We'll give you such a thrill We're not nice we're cool as ice We'll give you quite a chill Let your imagination take over on this ride Out of sight - all right (Hold on tight) Come on Come on Get it on Riding in our rollercoaster Come on Come along Get it on Riding in our rollercoaster of love So don't be shy You'll soon be high We'll touch the sky You'll never believe oh baby now Go round and round But don't look down We won't be found You'd better believe it Written by B*Witched, Hedges, Brannigan, Ackerman Produced by Ray Madman Hedges in his mothership Arranged by Ray Madman Hedges and Martin Brannigan Additional Production and Remix by Cutfather and Joe for XL Talent Mix Engineer Mads Nilsson at Medley Studio Published by Sugar Free Music/Bucks Music Ltd. - 19 Music Ltd/BMG Music Pub Ltd. - Polygram Music Pub Ltd. - Chrysalis Music Ltd. ⌦㜱㬴1998 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd. piesa melodia melodiei. Muzica straina piesa melodiei B Witched Rollercoaster piesa ultima melodie cantece descarca melodia versurile piesa versuri versuri.

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