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Versuri Rodeo or mexico

For a change I headed South Across the border For the pesos and A different horse to ride I'd be back to make The rodeo in Waco But that was long Before I saw them Dark brown eyes With long black hair and English bad and broken Her body said the words She couldn't find As I hung on every word She left unspoken The question started Leaning on my mind [CHORUS:] Rodeo or Mexico They both can keep A cowboy satisfied Rodeo or Mexico The only way I know how to decide Is just to get on and ride We danced all night Beneath that sheet of cotton And you just don't Tell a girl like that goodbye But the cowboy life Ain't easily forgotten Though lying there I couldn't help But wonder why [Repeat chorus] The morning Found the answer Dawning on me As I woke up to the Sharp end of a knife He was screaming at The woman hanging on me Does anybody know the Spanish word for wife? [Repeat chorus]

Garth Brooks versurile melodia versuri muzica asculta descarca. Descarca melodia muzica straina melodia album muzica Rodeo or mexico melodia versuri.

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